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Employee Vacation Request Form
Washington Conference provides vacation with pay to all elligible full-time employees.

1. Calculation of vacation days are based on the calendar year. Week days are counted for vacation, not weekend days. Please calculate your vacation request based on a five-day work week.

2. Part-time employees who work one-half time or more are eligible for pro-rated vacation, based on two weeks (or 10 days) per year, after one year of continuous employment.

3. Full-time employees’ vacation is calculated as follows:
After one (1) full year of service 10 days vacation
After five (5) full years of service 15 days vacation
After nine (9) full years of service 20 days vacation

4. With the object of obtaining the maximum good from annual vacations, it is the goal that vacations be taken each year earned. Permission must be obtained, in advance, for any carryover of vacation into the next year.
5. Vacation requests should be submitted to the HR department prior to your requested vacation date.
6. Someone locally, as well as our office, should know of your whereabouts while on vacation in case of an emergency.
7. It is from this form that your vacation records will be maintained. Your accrued vacation can be found at the bottom left hand corner of your most recent pay stub.

Online Vacation Request Form

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