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Locally Funded Hiring Process

Stage 1: Creating a Locally Funded Position 

Step 1: Develop a job description. Determine all duties, expectations and requirements for the position. The Washington Conference website has sample job descriptions. You are encouraged to use and tailor them to your particular needs.

Step 2: Fill out a draft copy of the Request to Hire Employee Form. This draft  will give the local church a fairly accurate estimate of the total cost for the new employee. At any time you may contact the HR department for help filling it out. All reference documents and forms may be found here, including the most recent version of the Locally Funded Reference Guide (pdf). Further explanation of using the Community Wage Scales can be found in the Locally Funded Reference Guide under Remuneration Explained. Likewise, more information on Benefits can be found under Benefits Explained.

A great resource is the Locally Funded Reference Guide (pdf)
□ Develop a Job Description
□ Complete draft copy of the Request to Hire Employee Form (pdf) to get an estimate of costs Contact HR for assistance as needed

Stage 2: Application Process

In this stage, the church will post the position, take applications, check references, and interview candidates. This should follow standard hiring processes.

□ Post Job Opening
□ Have prospective applicants fill out Employment Application (pdf)
□ Interview Candidates
Available resources: Interview Guidance (pdf) and Interview Evaluation Form (word)
□ Talk with at least 3 references who know each candidate personally or professionally

Stage 3: Hiring

When the board determines the best candidate, they should take a board action to recommend that the Washington Conference hire the specific candidate. The board action should specify the rate of pay, hours per week authorized to work, whether or not overtime is authorized, and the prospective effective date of employment. The board action should request the Conference hire the specific applicant for the position at the local church. The church will complete and send the Request to Hire Employee Form, the board action, the completed application, and a copy of the job description signed by the applicant to the Washington Conference. The Conference will notify the church upon approval. The supervisor may then conditionally offer the position to the applicant, pending successful completion of their background screening.

□ Board or authorized committee determines which applicant they would like to fill the position Send to Human Resources:
□ Completed and signed Request to Hire Employee Form (pdf)
□ Church board/committee minutes
□ Copy of the prospective employee’s Employment Application
□ Copy of the job description, signed by applicant
□ Approval from the Washington Conference to hire the applicant
□ Conditional Offer of Employment to applicant

Stage 4: Post Hire

(One month before starting work if possible)
The Washington Conference and its local facilities provide services to vulnerable children, youth and adults. Special care is required to protect those individuals. With this in mind, employees and volunteers must have a background screening. The Conference will begin background screening the new hire once all screening paperwork is received. The new employee must not begin work until the background screen is complete, which usually takes around two to four weeks if the references are prompt in returning the forms. If a church would like to expedite the background screening process, they may request the background screen be done earlier in the process but may be required to pay for costs incurred if the applicant is not ultimately hired.

Send to Human Resources:
Background Screening Packet (pdf), if you have not already done so

Stage 5: First Day of Employment

The employee should complete a W-4 and the Employee Information Form. The employee must complete the I-9. Accurate adherence to this step is vital to comply with federal law.
  • An authorized individual would be a pastor, principal, treasurer or other supervisor
  • The authorized individual must examine and complete Section 2 of the I-9
  • The authorized individual must examine the appropriate work authorization documentation
  • A copy of the appropriate work authorization must be included with the I-9 form
  • Send the form and copy of appropriate work authorization to Human Resources

Send to Human Resources:
□ Completed W-4 (pdf)
□ Complete I-9 (pdf) and send it to Washington Conference
□ Within 3 days of first day of work
□ Appropriate Documentation Examined by pastor (church) or principal (school)
□ Photocopy of Appropriate Documentation
Available resource: Guide to the I-9 (pdf)
Direct Deposit Authorization Form (pdf)
□ Provide the employee the Health Exchange Notice (pdf)
□ Other forms as required based on position (see checklist below)
□ Begin keeping timesheet for non-exempt employees (Word)
□ Display and update as needed all federal and state labor law posters

Beyond Stage 5: Employment

The local entity will be responsible for supervising the locally funded employee. This includes ensuring hourly employees properly report hours worked on a time card, restricting the employee from working overtime, providing feedback and evaluations, and all other day to day supervision.

Employees tend to be more satisfied with their employment if they know what their expectations are and how well they are meeting them. We highly recommend conducting at least one employee evaluation per year, and have an Employee Evaluation Form available. Evaluations should give employees guidance on expectations, performance and areas for improvement. It should also be a time to evaluate the position and update the job description. Informal but regular 15 minute checkins every few weeks or so are the most valuable forms of evalutuations.

When doing evaluations, please do not rate employees as excellent in every category. Average means what it says, that the duties are being met as expected. Above average and excellent should be reserved for when the employee truly shines in that particular category. 

Use the Personnel Action Form if you wish to change an employee's position, classification, pay rate or inform the Conference of voluntary terminations or resignation. If the local facility is contemplating involuntary terminations, you must contact the Department of Human Resource before taking any action.

   Available Resources for ongoing employee management: