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Join us at Washington Adventist Camp Meeting from June 15-24, 2017!

Plan Ahead for 2017
Washington Adventist Camp Meeting is a 10-day religious convention of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Participants typically “camp” or reside in motor homes, trailers, tents, or dormitory rooms, or commute from their homes. Religious training is provided for people of all ages from infants to teenagers to young adults to parents to senior citizens. Camp meeting is open to the general public.

Washington Adventist Camp Meeting will be held Thursday, June 15, to Saturday, June 24, 2017, on the campus of Auburn Adventist Academy in Auburn, Washington. The first meeting is Thursday, June 15, at 7:15 pm in Rainier Auditorium. For friends who cannot attend in person, camp meeting is also live streamed at www.washingtonconference.org.

Featured Speakers for 2017
  • First Weekend: Bill Knott
  • Early Mornings: Tim Madding
  • Mid Morning: Mark Anthony
  • Evenings: Elizabeth Talbot
  • Second Weekend: G. Alexander Bryant

Lodging Reservations
The camp meeting program guide has all the information you need about speakers, schedules, activities, training sessions, workshops and more. Reservations open in Spring 2017.
#WAcampmeeting Resources
Listen Again to Camp Meeting PResentations!
Order CDs, MP3s and DVDs through A&J Enterprises. Email alstapes@msn.com or call (360) 802-2033 to obtain an order form and place your order. Sermons and most class presentations are available for this year as well as for previous years. CDs or MP3s are $4 each and DVDs are $12 each.ting