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Church Resources - Resource Request Form
We have a great number of resources that we would love to make available to local church leaders.  Below is a list of these resources that we have available to be used.  


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- Leadership Resources -   
How to Be a Visionary Leader (DVD)
How to Effectively Communicate and Overcome Fear
How to Effectively Teach
- Pastoral Resources -                                              
How to Conduct a Pastoral Visit (DVD)                          
How to Cope with Stress in Ministry    
- Preaching Resources -    
How to Create Sermons that Captivate
- Witnessing Resources -    
How to Conduct a Bible Study        
How to Make an Evangelistic Visit
- Stewardship Resources -    
- Teaching Resources -  
- Evangelistic Resources -    
- Small Group Resources -    
- Health Resources -  
- General Resources - 




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