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Practicum I Seminars
A Need for Change
A sense of urgency. A desire to reconnect. A need to better understand the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This keynote session will renew our passion and desire to be faithful to the Great Commission.

Discovering and Living Our Purpose
Let’s take a brief look at our core values and honestly assess what is really driving the church today: worship. Many people are surprised to discover almost all churches are worship-centered. This message will lead people to embrace God’s purpose for the church and begin to expose them to a new paradigm where evangelism (discipleship) is the core of a church’s activity.

Growing God’s Kingdom is God’s Command
This session will reaffirm from scripture that it is God’s will to grow His church and He will bless us as we commit and surrender our churches to Him for that purpose. The most distinguishing characteristic of the early church was numerical growth. We believe every church should be a healthy growing church and Washington Conference is ready to partner with any congregation ready to grow.

Partners for Growth
Through an initiative called Partners for Growth, Washington Conference seeks to establish a partnership with any congregation who is committed first and foremost to fulfilling the Gospel Commission. Learn more about the responsibilities and benefits of this partnership in this presentation.

Developing an Evangelistic Plan for This Year and Beyond
Evangelism doesn’t just happen, it has to be planned and executed. In this session, we’ll talk about the importance of a cycle of evangelism and how this shapes an evangelistic culture.

Only Healthy Churches Really Grow
Why do some churches not grow in spite of doing evangelism? All healthy living things naturally grow. If our church is not growing, there is a cause. This session will discuss eight characteristics of a healthy churches and six biotic principles of church growth. You’ll be introduced to “Natural Church Development.”

Keep Them Coming
Many new members leave the church shortly after the evangelistic meeting is over.  Often we blame evangelism, but the real problem is the way we do church. Independent of evangelism, many visitors show up at an Adventist Church, but how many find something that will draw them back? What are some practical things we can do to keep new members (and visitors) coming to church?

Creating a Culture of Discipleship
Most evangelistic churches inadvertently create a culture of membership rather than discipleship. Jesus calls us to make fully devoted disciples, but do we do that? Healthy churches create disciples not just members.

Mobilizing Members for Ministry
God adds to the church that which is needed, therefore every person in the church is there for a purpose. Since every member is gifted for ministry, it is the responsibility of the church leadership to help a person discover and employ their gift in ministry.