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Church Growth Practicum Details
In the Partners for Growth initiative, churches meet with conference officials for a weekend-long Church Growth Practicum. Here are all the details associated with the practicum:

Date Range
The practicum begins on Friday with registration at 6 pm and the first session beginning at 7 pm. It is very important for ALL leaders of your team to be present for the entire event. Arrive at least 15 minutes before the first session begins. The practicum continues on Saturday Sabbath with all day presentations and break-out planning sessions. The practicum concludes on Sunday morning and finishes between noon and 2 pm (depending on the needs of the participants).

The practicums can be held at Sunset Lake Camp (Wilkeson), the conference office (Federal Way) or at your church.

Everyone will be seated at tables as church teams. Throughout the practicum, there will be a number of presentations followed by table exercises giving you an opportunity to work with your leaders to develop ideas, strategies and plans. This is why it is important for you to have the right people in the room. You should be able to leave with a well-developed church growth plan that will already have leadership buy-in.

The participation fee is typically $35 per person with overnight lodging at Sunset Lake Camp or Auburn Adventist Academy. The commuter fee is $20 per person (no lodging). This fee may change or fluxuate depending on where the practicum is held. The fee overs materials, meals and lodging (if needed). The best way for us to handle the finances is to invoice your church after the event.

We will provide a continental breakfast, lunch and dinner on Sabbath. We will also provide a brunch on Sunday.

Unfortunately, with the intense schedule, participants will note be able to attend worship services in their own church.

Rough Schedule
Friday: 7 pm to 9 pm
Saturday: 9 am to 9 pm
Sunday: 9 am to around lunchtime

As needed, lodging arrangements can be made with Sunset Lake Camp or Auburn Adventist Academy. If you would be more comfortable, you may choose to stay at a hotel at your own expense.

We have made no provision for children and childcare during this event. Participants need to make other arrangements for their child(ren).

A complete list of all participants from each church is needed. Once a practicum is scheduled, a specific registration link will be available.

Practicum I Outline
  • Registration
  • Worship & Prayer
  • A Need for Change

  • Worship & Prayer
  • Lessons of Church Growth from the Book of Acts
  • Discovering/Rediscovering Biblical Purpose - Evangelism Centered
  • Growing God's Kingdom is God's Command
  • Partners for Growth
  • Resources
  • What Does an Evangelism Centered Church Look Like?
  • Developing an Evangelism Plan

  • Worship & Prayer
  • Only Healthy Churches Really Grow
  • Keep Them Coming
  • Your Church Through the Eyes of a Visitor
Homework (to be completed before Practicum II)
  • Leadership Retreat
  • Launch a Spiritual Renewal Emphasis
  • Continue to Develop Evangelism Plan
  • Launch NCD
  • Evaluation of Ministry Profile
Practicum II Outline Friday
  • Registration
  • Worship & Prayer
  • Sharing the Journey
  • Link 2 Lead - Owning and Knowing Your Mission Field

  • Worship & Prayer
  • Link 2 Lead - Identifying Mission Opportunities
  • First Impressions Ministry
  • Leading Change
  • Preparing the Church for Evangelism

  • What To Do After the Meeting is Over
  • Your Church Through the Eyes of a Visitor
  • Turning Members into Disciples

Homework (to be completed before Practicum III)
  • Continue to implement NCD
  • Conduct an Evangelistic Meeting
  • Implement a Greeting Ministry Makeover
Practicum III Outline
This practicum is tailor-made for each partner church according to their needs. Instead of a group session like the first two practicums, Practicum III is an individual coaching session for each partner church.