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Why You Should Join Partners for Growth

Do you want your church to grow? So do we!

Washington Conference is willing to establish a partnership with any congregation who is committed first and foremost to fulfilling the Gospel Commission. We call this Partners for Growth. With each of us fulfilling our God-given roles and combining the strengths of the local church and the resources of the Conference, we believe through our faithfulness and God’s blessing to see unprecedented growth for His kingdom.

To facilitate this partnership, churches are invited to participate in three levels of Church Growth Practicums.
In this partnership, the church will:
1. Commit and remain committed to fulfilling the Gospel Commission in their territory. 

This will be demonstrated by….
a. Discovering and aligning the church and its ministries with God’s call and purpose for the church.
b. Allocate resources (time, effort and finances) consistent with their call.
c. Adapt a cycle of evangelism that will include preparation, proclamation and preservation throughout the entire year.
2. Commit to move in the direction of greater health through an intentional process such as Natural Church Development.  

In this partnership, the conference will:
1. Provide leadership training and development to churches and pastors to grow more effective leaders.
2. Provide ministry training to develop and improve the ministries of the local church.
3. Challenge every church to grow spiritually as well as numerically.
4. Provide consulting, coaching and mentoring to support local leaders and pastors as they become agents of change.
5. Provide accountability to help churches remain focused on mission.
6. Provide preferential allocation of evangelism resources.

Current Partner Churches
Transformation Life Center
Port Angeles
Volunteer Park
Auburn City 
Everett Forest Park
Open Bible Fellowship
Tacoma Central
Eastside Fellowship
Seattle Fil-Am   
Willapa Harbor
Grays Harbor
New Life Adventist Ministry
North Creek
Bonney Lake
Port Orchard
Tacoma South Side
Voice of Hope

If your church is interested in participating in Partners for Growth, please contact the Ministerial Department at (253) 681-6008!