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Watch Adventist Television

Television as been around for around 100 years and it has already changed ways we are able to spread the Three Angels’ Message.

Although no technology device will be able to do better than face-to-face witnessing, the use of TVs and now the Internet have given us ways to spread God’s message even further than before. In this article we will take a look at four Adventist television networks that use the Internet to spread their message to the whole world.
Hope TV is the official television network of the Seventh-day Adventist Church that shares the good news of the gospel. This channel has many weekly programs as well as broadcasting major Bible prophecy seminars. You will see shows on camp meetings and Pathfinder Camporees, and nationally recognized shows such as It Is Written and Amazing Facts. This channel has its own program called World of Hope that highlights current work, missions and initiatives of the church. Hope TV has many channels in addition to our American Hope Channel. These other channels serve Europe and Asia in various locations as well as the online feed that can be seen around the world.
Please visit www.hopetv.org for more information about Hope TV and the Hope Church Channel.
3ABN, or Three Angels Broadcasting Network, is a 24-hour network devoted to Christian teaching, gospel music, vegetarian cuisine, weight loss and exercise. Each program is made to educate and inspire viewers about biblical teaching. 3ABN Today is the channel’s spotlight show that has interviews with today’s Adventist leaders. Many guests on this show share their personal testimonies while others provide health and nutrition tips. Along with the 3ABN TV channel, the company has a radio channel, a Spanish and a Russian language channel.
Please visit www.3abn.org for more information about 3ABN.
LLBN, or Loma Linda Broadcasting Network, is known especially for its wellness programs. While the station does showcase a lot of spiritual wellness shows, the network looks at physical wellness as well by teaching biblical principles that are taught everyday at Loma Linda University. Broadcasts will teach individuals to treat diseases they have and prevent others from occurring through changing dietary habits.
Please visit www.llbn.tv for more information about LLBN.
Safe TV is an inspirational network safe for the whole family. It has programs on various subjects such as health, education, money management, nature, music and family dynamics. It has many familiar programs such as Jack Hannah’s Animal Adventures and P. Allen Smith Gardens plus it delivers great spiritual programs like Voice of Prophecy.
Please visit www.safetv.org for additional information on its programming.
by Shawn Latham. Shawn was a member at Graham Adventist Church when he wrote this article. He is now a member at Mount Vernon Adventist Church.