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Manage Your Ministry Website in 1 Hour Per Week
Websites are often the first place people look when they are seeking information about a church, school or ministry. These may be Adventists who are new to town and looking for a new church or school, or new friends in the community who are searching for a family, for answers in life, for wholeness.

Your website is the foundation of your communication strategy. Every communiqué you produce should somehow point back to more information on the website.

Websites need to clearly communicate three specific pieces of information:
  1. A schedule of activities and services (bulletin or calendar)
  2. Who is preaching and the title of the sermon
  3. Who to contact for more information

Additional information for websites includes:
  1. A media library with sermons in podcast or webcast format
  2. A description of what to expect
  3. A brief listing of beliefs (capture from www.adventist.org)
  4. A list of church ministries and ways people can get involved in ministry
  5. Devotionals, a resource gallery, and ways to give add to your website experience

How to Manage Your Church Website in 1 Hour or Less a Week
Websites do not need to take an extraordinary amount of time to maintain. Yes, it does take some initial time to set up the website. The management process, though, does not need to take huge amounts of time. You can manage your website in as little as one hour a week (or less). This does not include the production of a church e-newsletter (which could take up to another hour of your time).
  1. Post your church bulletin by Thursday each week (2-5 minutes to post the finished document)
  2. Enter any new events in the calendar (10-20 minutes)
  3. Have your A/V team upload or archive the sermon after church (upload time)
  4. Answer any emails generated through the website (5-10 minutes)
  5. Share and cross promote your bulletin or a preview of Sabbath services on social media (2-5 minutes)
  6. Run through a section of your maintenance log (10+ minutes)
    • Check links
    • Update welcome message
    • Update home page with any new content
    • Develop or update any new website content areas
    • Check website statistics
    • Keep your domain name up-to-date
    • Review the accuracy of current content (addresses, phone numbers, email contact, all date/time references, spelling, names, etc.)

Need webmaster support? Email info@washingtonconference.org.