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Set Up a Church Website
Washington Conference of Seventh-day Adventists encourages churches and schools to have an active web presence. Some conferences require churches and schools to use a particular web site provider; Washington Conference does not. We feel it is more important to have an active web presence, rather than to use a particular service. Our churches and schools work with two main providers:
Adventist Church Connect/Adventist School Connect (ACC/ASC) is offered through the North American Division. ACC & ASC offers free website hosting, technical support and training, professional design options, image management, and team management options. You can easily incorpate media, an online calendar, and modules for photo galleries, email newsletter, survey, and podcasting. Sites are available in
English, Spanish and French. This site supports the Adventist Giving service where members can return their tithe and give their offering online using a credit card or an electronic check. Adventist Giving must be signed up for separately.
Sign up for an Adventist Church Connect site at: http://adventistchurchconnect.com
Sign up for an Adventist School Connect site at: http://adventistschoolconnect.com
Access the ACC help site at: http://help.adventistchurchconnect.com
netAdventist.org is offered through the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. netAdventist is a content management software suite first designed by Three Angels Global Networking, Inc (TAGnet), based in Fallbrook, California. netAdventist sites incorporate the latest in Web technology and offers cutting-edge tools such as mailing list management, RSS feed generation, and podcast creation, as well as
e-commerce capabilities that allow you to accept online donations or create an online product catalog. This site can also integrate Adventist Giving.

In addition, your netAdventist site is able to generate online forms and polls, as well as load and display documents (i.e. school handbooks or church directories), create photo albums and event calendars, and submit prayer requests. Add to all these features netAdventist’s open license format and you have a very powerful software suite for managing your organization’s Web site. netAdventist websites have a monthly service fee.

Sign up for a netAdventist site at http://www.netaserve.com
Independent providers
Churches and schools also have the option of selecting an independent web site provider or platforms such as WordPress or Weebly. The church/school is responsible for all web site development, hosting, design and implementation fees. The conference does not provide any technical support.

Bit.ly Shortcodes
If you have a particularly long URL for your church, school or ministry, create a shortcode and QR code via http://bit.ly or another short code generator. This service can be created for free with a free account.
Adventist Giving
To enroll in Adventist Giving, please visit http://adventistgiving.org for additional information, FAQ and enrollment instructions.