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Empower Your Community To Be Financially Stable
Money-related problems can stunt people’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual growth. On the other hand, a financially stable household allows families to manage emergencies and take advantage of opportunities. Financial Empowerment Ministries equip families to gain and manage resources so they can flourish.

Financial Empowerment Steering Committee
If the financial stability of households in your community is an issue on your heart and you would like to participate call Colette at 253-681-6008. The committee meets quarterly.

Reading Recommendations: (as we discover reading materials we think are relevant to this discussion we will post it here)
  • Assets and the Poor by Michael Sherraden (1991). Dr. Sherraden lays out the philosophical and practical underpinnings of the asset building movement for low to moderate-income households.
  • See Poverty...Be the Difference by Donna Beegle (2004). Dr. Beegle gives practical insights on the culture of poverty from her research and own life story. Check out her organization's website for information on their trainings and reading recommendations.
  • Assets and Opportunity Scorecard published by CFED. This interactive website lets you explore the current state of household assets in the United States.
Really Cool Information:
  • Asset building provides the foundation for household financial stability. Get involved in an Asset Building Coalition near you. Visit the Washington Asset Building Coalition website to find your local coalition and explore for more information.
  • Washington State College Bound Scholarship: A scholarship for low income and foster kids to go to college in Washington State. Must sign up during 7th or 8th grades! Don't let anybody you know that qualifies to miss this opportunity!
  • Following a disaster, having key financial information and documents with you can make a tremendous difference in your ability to recover and rebuild your life. A new Disaster Financial Preparedness class is now available to schedule at your next church or community event. Call Colette at 253-681-6008 to schedule.

Do you facilitate a Financial Peace University or other financial education program? Let us know! Call or email us with information about your program.

If you facilitate another financial empowering ministry we'd like to know that too!