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View "The Word of Our Testimony" e-book!
Participants in Washington Youth Rush produced a 32-page e-book about their answers to prayer and divine appointments while ministering door-to-door in western Washington.

What is youth rush?
.Youth Rush student literature evangelism is working for Christ. We witness by personally visiting people in diverse communities and sharing Christ-focused books with them that will nurture and challenge them physically, mentaly and spiritually. Meeting people at doors gives us incredible opportunities to touch lives and share God's love.

.Youth work Sunday-Thursday for ten weeks during the summer. After brunch, worship, and training, students hit the streets, offering people books and community services, including Bible studies. Teams go out together, each with their own highly-trained leader. On our days off we relax, do laundry and have fun. Sabbaths are for resting with God and sharing our experiences.

If you love Jesus, are 15 or older, make a 9.5 week commitment, and work hard, you can be a part of Youth Rush this summer!

Why should i spend the summer with
washington youth rush?
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  1. It's an extreme spiritual bootcamp. You and your team will be on the front lines. You can look forward to incredible experiences with God and growing in your leadership and people skills.
  2. You will earn a great school scholarship. Students earn between $3,000 and $5,000 during the summer. Most Seventh-day Adventist colleges match this by a certain percentage.
  3. Housing, transportation, and brunch at the program are provided free of charge.
  4. Two-way portable radios promote good organization and safety.
  5. Daily group activities provide spiritual fellowship and bonding with other students.
  6. Bible workers and church members follow up all evangelistic interests so that spiritual seekers can find what they are looking for.

faq [Top of Page]
Q. Who is behind the Youth Rush Program?
A. Youth Rush is sponsored by the Literature Ministries Department of the Washington Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Q. How long is the summer Youth Rush Program?
A. 9.5 weeks.

Q. What about time off?
A. Yes. There is a weekend break in the middle of the summer, from Friday to Sunday, when students are required to leave the program.  If you are coming from out of the area, arrangements can be made for a place for you to stay during this break.

Q. Do I make money in the program?
A. Yes. Students recieve minimum wage of $9.47 per hour for an average of 6-7 work hours per day. Students that complete the ten weeks of work adn receive donations exceedin minimum wasge will receive a 50% commission of their total donations. Students that cease working before the end of the ten-week work period forfeit any commission. Please note that most schools require students to complete the entire program to receive the 12-100% school bonus. Student scholarship reports will arrive in September at the school designated by the student if necessary.

Q. How do I get paid?
A. By check once a month. Washington Conference issues payroll checks one time at the end of each month.

Q. I attend a non-SDA school, do I still receive my earnings?
A. Yes.  However, matching programs are only available at many Adventist academies and colleges to help make Adventist education more affordable. We encourage Youth Rush participants to attend Seventh-day Adventist schools when possible.

Q. Can I receive some of the earnings as spending money during the summer?

A: Yes.  Students will receive a monthly paycheck. To receive the maximum scholarship match, use funds from outside the program for your expenses during the Youth Rush program.

Q. What if I can't come for the entire 9.5 weeks?
A: Priority is given to those who make a full 9.5-week commitment, however, we are willing to work with individual situations on a case-by-case basis.  We want to make it possible for you to join - let us know the situation and we'll see what we can do.

Q. What if my school does not end before June 5th?
A:That's ok. We understand that some schools don't begin their summer vacation time until after Youth Rush begins. You can still join, but will need to come as soon as school gets out.

Q. Do I have any financial responsibilities during the Youth Rush program?
A:Yes, but not many.  You are responsible for buying 1 meal per day as well as doing laundry every Friday.  Many students will buy groceries each week and prepare thier own lunches, but we also go to a place where you may buy your lunch (such as Subway, Taco Bell, etc.).

Scholarship information [Top of Page]
Looking for some extra help with your school bill? Most Adventist schools provide matching scholarships to students who participate in our summer literature evangelism programs. Also know that schools give matching only on funds actually forwarded to the school by the student. Students need to show  their pay check stub to the school. Money you pocket is not matched.Please understand that we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information below. We try to keep the information accurate, but for verified information please contact the institutions directly. We also do not guarantee your earnings as it varies from student to student.
The information below was most recently revised January, 2013.

Matching Formula
Scholarship given from
$3,000 earnings (example)
Andrews University
50% up to $3,000
Atlantic Union College
12% of first $4,000
Auburn Academy
25% no ceiling
Canadian Union College
(Amounts in CDN $)
30% of first $2,000
Washington Adventist University
50% of first $3,000
La Sierra University
100% of first $3,000
Oakwood Univeristy
Contact School
Orcas Christian School
Contact School Contact School
Pacific Union College
50% of first $3,000
Puget Sound Academy
Contact School Contact School
Skagit Academy
Contact School Contact School
Southern Adventist University
50% of first $4,000
Southwestern Adventist University
75% of first $2,667
Union College
100% of first $2,000
Walla Walla University
50% no ceiling

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Additional questions?
Youth Rush Coordinator: Caleb Maccarone
Cell: (989) 390-5704
Office Phone: (253) 681-6008
E-mail: cmaccarone@waconference.org