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Strengthen Your Youth Ministry

Youth leaders will find a variety of resources to help strengthen your youth ministry. Check out this sampling of resources:

Get started at AdventSource or Adventist Youth Ministries. Pick up a QuickStart Ministry Guide (free PDF or small fee for a printed book). Connect with Adventist Youth Ministries online. Sign up for e-newsletter(s).

Cornerstone Connections Resources. Find great programming ideas for AYS leaders, youth leaders, youth pastors, and youth Sabbath School leaders and teachers.

Youth Activities. Find ideas for involving your youth group in special events which encourage, provide Christian fellowship, nurture, and inspire for service.

Center for Youth Evangelism.The Center for Youth Evangelism (CYE) is a training ground for the next generation of youth workers.

Association of Adventist Colleges and Universities (AACU). AACU consists of 15 accredited Adventist colleges and universities in North America, this is a great resource to learn more about Christian education options that are available.

Building a Better Youth Ministry. Try some road-tested tips for making your Youth Ministry more effective!

Start-Up Ideas for New Youth Leaders. Just starting your youth ministry? Start with these basics.

Youth Leadership Strategies. Some leaders are exceptionally good at "winging it" though youth programs and events. It is far better to build a team and share the joys and burdens that come with ministering to youth.

Youth Ministries Coordinator Ministries Description. Nurture youth in Sabbath School, the Adventist Youth Society and any other youth ministries of the church, such as choir and summer camp. Plus—download the Youth Ministry Quick Start Guide!

Looking for more Youth Ministry resources? Contact David Yeagley or Candace Faletogo at (253) 681-6008!