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Our Evangelism Commitment

Washington Conference is committed to evangelism, involving our nearly 23,000 members in ministry, and sharing the Three Angels’ Message with 4.98 million residents of western Washington and beyond.

In addition to the annual evangelism offering, Washington Conference also sets aside a portion of the conference budget for supporting evangelistic series, discipleship programs, church plants, and personal witnessing training. In all, about $700,000 is set aside for evangelism in our territory. As a result of our evangelism efforts, more than 700 people are baptized each year.

Your Invitation to Join Us
Effective evangelism involves everyone and every ministry. We invite you to join us in going and taking Jesus to our world. Here's a few ideas about how to Go Take Jesus to the World:

Giving Light to Our World (GLOW) tracts are small, pocket-sized pieces of literature that address topics such as God's love in difficult times, dealing with financial difficulties, finding a better path toward health, and other topics. People of any age can distribute GLOW tracts. »Pick up GLOW tracts at the Adventist Book Center in Auburn.

Each ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, from disaster response to communication to children's or family ministries and more, is focused on the mission to take Jesus to the world. Looking for a Ministry? Check out this list of 120+ ministry ideas and pray for God to lead you to a specific ministry area.

Personal Bible Studies
Seventh-day Adventist Christians would like to see themselves among those called “people of the Book.” It's simple — we love the Bible! There are a number of personal Bible study curriculums available for you to use yourself or share with others in a small group setting.

Prayer Ministries
Prayer allows us to communicate with God and deepen our relationship with Him as we share praises, confess our sins, pray for others and ask God for our needs. Washington Conference has a network of prayer warriors who are dedicated to passionately praying for God to move in mighty ways in the lives of family, friends and even strangers they meet. Find out more about our prayer warrior network.

Church Planting
Church plants help to grow the Seventh-day Adventist Church by providing a ministry outreach to a specific community or group of people. Washington Conference has a church planting committee to support, coach and encourage new church plants.

Public Evangelism
Public evangelism has a variety of approaches, and is commonly presented in the form of short or extended community meetings about Bible, prophecy or lifestyle topics. Washington Conference supports a number of public evangelism meetings presented by local speakers, pastors, church leaders, youth and professional evangelists. These meetings are presented in western Washington and also abroad.