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Oso Landslide Response: Briefing #2
April 1 - Authorities are still seeking to account for 22 people after a landslide in Oso, Washington on Saturday, March 22, 2014, that claimed at least 27 lives. First responders and search-and-rescue teams are continuing to respond to needs and sift through tons of debris. One of the most frequently asked questions right now is: How can I help? »Here is the response from Adventist Disaster Response.

Oso Landslide Response: Briefing #1
March 27 - A team of northwest Adventist Community Services Disaster Response (ACSDR) personnel met with community leaders in Darrington on Wednesday, March 26, to advise and support the collection and distribution of donated goods in compliance with the Memorandum of Understanding between ACSDR and the State of Washington Department of Enterprise Services. »Read the Oso Landslide Briefing #1

Adventist Disaster Response
Whatever the disaster, it is important to be prepared to take care of yourself for a period of time. First responders have a list of priorities, and residential neighborhoods are not high on that list. The key to disaster preparedness is to plan, prepare and practice. See the resources below for advice on how to be prepared for any disaster.

As the United States experiences disasters with increasing frequency and severity, we also want to reach out to those who have been affected to offer them hope, comfort and help. Click on the link below to offer your services. When you send in your application you will be notified of trainings and opportunities to serve. »Volunteer Today

Mission Statement: “Helping Communities In Time of Disaster”
Through volunteers giving their time, talents, money, and goods to serve the survivors of disaster in cooperation with the appropriate government and other voluntary agencies. »What Does WA ACS-Disaster Response do?

Disaster Preparedness Resources - Prepare & Practice
Disaster Kit Supply List | Disaster Preparedness Calendar | Disaster Preparedness for Seniors |Family Disaster Plan | Preparing Kids for Disasters | Shelter in Place |Sign Language Guide | Using a Generator | Water Treatment | Workplace Shooter

Disaster Preparedness Resources - Plan
Blackout | Chemical Emergencies | Earthquake | Fire |Flood | Frozen Pipes | Hurricane |Landslide | Terrorism | Thunderstorm | Tsunami | Volcano | Wildfire | WinterPet Preparedness

Get Trained and Get Involved
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