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Label Clipping for a Cause
It's a part of our church culture.
For years we've clipped labels for Worthington Foods, Loma Linda, Morningstar Farms and Natural Touch products. You can continue this tradition thanks to Atlantic Natural Foods!

Through the Labels Make Cents program, Atlantic Natural Foods is offering $0.05 for each collected UPC codes from Loma Linda, Worthington and Caroline's canned food products. Kellogg's products and frozen food boxes are no longer eligible. All eligible UPCs begin with 28989 and 45561.

Your Part
  • Cut and collect UPC codes off any Loma Linda, Worthington or Caroline's canned food.
  • Double check that UPC codes begin with 28989 or 45561. See official guidelines.
  • Bring the UPC codes to your local church.

Your Church's Part
  • Each quarter, your church fills out a Church Report Form to send to the local conference office.
  • Your church retains the UPC labels and a copy of the form for one year.
  • Quarterly reports are due April 30 (for Jan, Feb, Mar), July 31 (for Apr, May, Jun), October 31 (for Jul, Aug, Sep), and January 31 (for Oct, Nov, Dec).
  • Tip: Place UPCs in a quart or gallon size zipped bag along with a copy of the report form. Write on the bag: "These labels have been counted and reported. Destroy after (one year from date of report)." This will safeguard the labels from being double counted or destroyed before counting.

Your Conference's Part
  • The conference will tally the church reports and send the Conference Report Form to Davis Wallace at Atlantic Natural Foods.
  • ANF will issue a check to the conference for $0.05 per label.
  • The conference will distribute funds at its discretion for ministry projects.
  • If you have any questions on this program and Washington Conference's involvement, please contact Bruce Koch at (253) 681-6008.

Washington Conference Special Project
Washington Conference has designated any income from this investment program to go to Washington Conference Education Special Projects. This is a new fund to resource schools who develop projects for outreach and service.

"We are grateful that Atlantic Natural Foods is gracious enough to gift us with their version of the label program," says Bruce Koch, Washington Conference stewardship director. "I know it will continue to be a blessing to the forwarding of God’s work in our churches, schools and communities."