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Religious Liberty

Taking a Stand for Religious Freedom

The Northwest Religious Liberty Association (NRLA) promotes the cause of religious freedom in the context of sound and balanced constitutional principles among church members, the general public, civic organizations (public and private), lawmakers and academic audiences.

Professional Services: Religious Liberty provides professional services for: Assistance in the workplace due to religious discrimination; seminars on religious liberty; academic lectures for Universities and Law Schools; legislative updates; publication of Liberty Express, our annual magazine which explores religious, political, and constitutional trends from credible journalistic, academic, and prophetic perspectives; training and other informational material. 

Our priority is the advancement and defense of both the Establishment and Free Excercise Clauses of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, including state constitutions. This specifically involves professional support or opposition to legislative bills involving religious freedom and moral reform concerns. This means that we carefully select and involve ourselves in the advancement of national and moral reform issues in ways that harmonize with our attempt to balance seperation of church and state and free exercise constitutional concerns.

Religious Discrimination: Our staff provides professional consultation services to Seventh-day Adventist church members and members of other faith communities facing religious discrimination in the workplace. Our consulting services specifically involves workplace mediation between employee and employer, as well as direct legal assistance if necessary.

Government Relations: For those interested in our non-partisan government relations program offering civil and religious libery counsel to local and state officials in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington, contact Greg Hamilton at (360) 857-7040.

Religious Liberty in the Workplace: For pastors needing assistance writing formal letters in behalf of members with difficulties in the workplace, visit the NRLA web site. For copies of prewritten and prepared sample form letters, please contact Greg Hamilton at (360) 857-7040.

Leadership Team:

This department for the Washington Conference is coordinated through the Northwest Religious Liberty Association in the North Pacific Union Conference located in Ridgefield, Washington.

NRLA President: Greg Hamilton
Government Relations Rep for Washington: Tom James

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