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Be A Giving Hero
 Be a giving hero for education, summer camp, and community outreach!

You want your children and grandchildren educated for this life…and for eternity.

One of the ways you can help make an Adventist Christian Education accessible to more students is to contribute to the Education Endowment.

Constituents in this conference years ago saw education and scholarship funding as a long-term need, and in 1998 established the Education Endowment. With the sale of some land and a few individual investments, the Education Endowment is currently $1.5 million. The interest helps provide matching scholarships to students who need extra funding to receive an Adventist Christian Education. In addition, the endowment also helps fund growing school constituencies and provides funding for improving science and technology equipment.

Not only does your gift to the Education Endowment help students now, it helps generate funding for future generations of Adventist scholars.
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You want a safe and fun retreat for your family in the summertime…and year around.

Each summer and throughout the year, you likely drive up to Sunset Lake Camp to send your children to summer camp, to attend ministry training retreats, or to just spend some time in nature. One of the key facilities where you likely meet is Timber Lodge. It’s a staple of the Sunset Lake shoreline, and the only surviving original building on campus. (Oh, the history!)

Time and weather are taking their toll on Timber Lodge. With an Anacortes-based engineering firm that specializes in log construction, we are working on a plan to keep Timber Lodge safe and strong for years to come. This plan will give Timber Lodge an estimated 40 additional years of life for a fraction of the cost of new construction.

Your gift for an updated and upgraded Timber Lodge will give you a special place to gather as a family and as a church community for years to come!

Timber Lodge Read & See Information (PDF)
You want to foster a safe, productive, and compassionate community.

Adventists minister in every prison in western Washington, but the encouragement and fellowship often ends abruptly when inmates are released from prison. You can extend the continuum of growth and care through the H.O.P.E. Transitional House project.

A former dentist’s office in Tacoma has already been donated and, with some minor remodeling, will house six residents. Besides shelter, H.O.P.E. House programs will give the direction and structure residents need to build productive lives.

Your gift to the H.O.P.E. House will help returning citizens transition into becoming contributing community members.

H.O.P.E. House Read & See Information (PDF)
H.O.P.E. House Profile (PDF)
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Maybe you’re looking for other ways to be a giving hero!

You believe in living generously. You like giving your time and talent to a good cause. Volunteer with a ministry role at your church. Sign up for short-term and long-term mission trips (explore www.hesaidgo.net).

Participate in ministries like Pathfinders/Adventurers, Adventist Disaster Response, Adventist Community Service, children's ministry, youth ministry, and more on the local level. Age 50 or better? Join SAGE Seniors for a variety of service activities including painting, construction and general clean up. Background screening is required for all volunteers.

You believe in sharing the everlasting Gospel to all the world…beginning closer to home and rippling around the world. You want to see your neighbors learning about Jesus whether they are down the street, across town, around the region, in this country, or throughout the world. You can give toward the Evangelism Fund to help provide for Bible workers, evangelists, public efforts, literature ministries, evangelism training and more.

You believe in funding projects closer to home. We all have a heart for ministries that influence our loved ones. The Conference Ministries Fund, one of the monthly offering options, expands the ministry impact of Adventist Christian Education (60 percent), evangelism (30 percent), and Sunset Lake Camp (10 percent).