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Living Generously
Ponder for a moment the wise men of Matthew 2. We call them wise men who came to see Jesus. Think for a moment about the dedication and generosity of their lives.

The Bible only tells us that they were from the east. Traditionally the Christian community puts them there on the night of Jesus’ birth. However from reading the Bible, we realize that they came some time after the birth of Jesus.

These Magi were smart, rich, and committed to seeing this new King. They had studied the heavens, found a new star, and taken the time to put together a caravan with all that it took to travel to this far country. They had then spent days trekking through the desert and across mountains to come and see this Jesus.

Of course they looked in the capital city. They found an apathetic population that were not paying attention to the signs of the Christ child. After some research by the local religious leaders, they found that they really needed to go to Bethlehem. After that relatively short trip, they found Jesus.

This is where their living generously continues. They worshiped Him and gave gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. These were people committed to seeing the King.

Because of their connection to God, they were given a dream that told them to sneak out of town so Herod would be thrown off of his plan to kill Jesus. Herod, as you know, killed all the boys two and under. This could have been up to 20 young boys just in that community.

The wise men were gentiles from a far country who had come to the very heart of Israel where God’s chosen people were not even aware of Jesus being born. They had taken months and maybe a year or two to get there. They had invested time, energy, and funds to be able to just see Jesus and worship Him and bring Him gifts. This is living a life of generosity.

As we come to the end of this year and look to the coming year, we can learn from these generous gentiles. They lived their life generously to see the King of the universe. As Christians let us not lose sight of the King of the universe as we look for the second coming. As Christians let us live our lives generously sharing our time, talent, and treasure with the King of Kings.

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