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Register for Camp Meeting

Reservation Instructions

Step 1 - Search Availability
  • Select the dates you’ll be coming to Camp Meeting. If you’ll be there the entire time, you can select June 16 for Check-in and June 25 for Check-out.
  • Select the Area for reservation: Conference Tents, RV Dry, RV Partial, and U-Pitch Tent Sites.
  • If RV is selected it will be necessary to select the type of RV you have, the length, the number of slide-outs, if any, and the length of a tow vehicle if applicable.
  • Click “Check Availability” once these options have been selected.
Step 2 - Make Selection
  • Don’t worry if it says there is “No Exact Match”
    • Simply choose the first “Select” button that has a check-in date and click “OK” on the warning pop-up.
  • A new window will open with a map. Available sites are marked with a green diamond. A red diamond indicates the site is not available. Not familiar with our campus? View a camp meeting map (opens in a new screen).
  • Click a green diamond to select a site and follow the prompt to "Reserve This Space."
Step 3 - Confirm Details
  • Enter your personal information and note the number of adults and children that will be coming. Note the appropriate questions/boxes to check and read all acknowledgements. Then click “Continue Reservation.”
  • Please note: The amount of the reservation will show $0.00 until the payment screen. See Accommodation Rates (opens in a new screen) to see associated reservation prices.
Step 4 - Confirm Reservation
  • Please enter your payment information and complete your order.
  • Authorize Payment to complete your camp meeting reservation. You will be emailed a receipt.
Please Note: As with all years past, please DO NOT bring your pets to Camp Meeting. In an attempt to have better control of our pet population, if you do bring your pet we have strict regulations.

Please adhere to the regulations and note the acknowledgement: If bringing pets, pets must be under control at all times. Pets must use pet area and be cleaned up after. Pets are not allowed out of RV or U-Pitch Campsite areas. Pets are not allowed in dorm rooms, classrooms, auditorium, conference tents or any other buildings on the campus. Service dogs are exempt from cost and restrictions. All pets must be registered.